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Krav Maga is an eclectic hand to hand combat system developed in Israel

Our objective is to train to survive

Techniques are simple, effective & dynamic

Reality-based training is the only way to condition for survival

Train to defend against multiple attackers

Learn knife, gun & weapon defence tactics

Build confidence & toughness both mentally & physically

Our system pushes you out of your comfort zone to experience your true potential

Train hard, train smart, train to survive

Don't wait to be a victim, start Krav Maga training with Combat Krav Maga today


We are an Auckland-based full-time combative self-defence training center, dedicated to providing an independently specialized Krav Maga system to New Zealand. Training is designed to give students effective tools and tactics to be able to defend themselves and survive in the face of violence.
Conditioning combines simple to learn techniques with reality-based scenarios that challenge both physical and mental toughness. Training within our system builds the kind of confidence, empowerment and fitness that can be applied in all areas of life. There is also a sense of camaraderie between students in our club that develops along side their training.

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The elements of the system we use at CKM originate from Head Instructor Omer Duchovny's training under Itay Gil, Professor and Founder of Israeli Security Solutions in Jerusalem, Israel. The advantage of using an independent Krav Maga system allows us to continue the evolution of our training and techniques so that they remain as up to date and effective as possible in the face of violence in today's world. Put simply, as violence continues to evolve, so does our training
Being independent of larger Krav Maga organizations means that we can modify our techniques and survival skills into things that really work. An effective self-defence system has to be a progressive system. This means it needs to be able to adapt its techniques for each individual so that it works for a broad spectrum of people. Not everyone is the same so there's no one-technique-fits-all. Needless to say, no real world attack is ever going to be predictable or exactly the same. For this same reason, training needs to be dynamic rather than static at all times. CKM is about fast acquisition of confidence with the aim to shorten the learning curve as much as possible. Our style of instruction and training provides for this with every class.

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CKM holds Krav Maga classes for adults over the age of 14 at the novice/beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) classes. (See class schedule for specific times, dates and further scheduling info). Training is available to all ages, genders, levels of fitness and levels of experience that are serious about learning real self-defence. While physical fitness is not a requirement, students can expect training to be physically challenging as part of the conditioning process.
We hold specialized workshops, seminars with guest instructors from overseas and an annual all-intensive Krav Maga course. These are open to members and non-members alike. (See Upcoming Events for dates and details). We also hold military-style ability tests for our students to challenge themselves to advance through the levels of our system.
CKM is also takes an active role in the community, working with Youth Programs, Private Security Sectors, and Corporate Groups.

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Here at CKM, we simply train to SURVIVE. You will be taken out of your comfort zone and condition to be challenged. We train in an environment that is real, raw and relentless to prepare you for the kinds of violence that could one day threaten your life. Classes vary each day to give students the maximum amount of exposure to a variety of techniques and environments. We aim for our students to walk away from each training session being inspired, empowered and confident that the skills they have practiced will keep them safe out on the streets. We are extremely passionate about Krav Maga as the most effective self-defence system out there, and strongly believe in the direct correlation between the way it is taught and it's effectiveness.
Our training is both mentally and physically intense. It's about teaching our students what real violence is, and about training them how to adapt to it as quickly and effectively as possible. Students learn about surrounding awareness, situational adaptation, conflict resolution/de-escalation, and how to defend against real-world violence. There is no giving up in a real fight if you are to survive. Beginning with the first training session, students gain an understanding of their true potential, capabilities, resilience and inner strengths as survivors.

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CKM is not for everyone. We are looking for serious students who are motivated and dedicated to training under a unique system that requires practice and commitment. Violence is not something to be taken lightly, which is why learning self defence isn't either. We are looking for students who want to train not just to be able to say they do Krav, but because they genuinely want to learn the skills to defend and to achieve the true confidence to be able to defend themselves. While experience and fitness is not necessary, the right attitude is.
We welcome anyone who is interested to come and try out a complementary class to see if CKM is right for you. Be inspired, feel empowered and learn something Simply contact us through our online inquiry form or contact us directly to book in a time to give CKM a go!
CKM does not accept individuals with gang affiliations and/or criminal records.

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