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Krav Maga is an eclectic hand to hand combat system developed in Israel

Our objective is to train to survive

Techniques are simple, effective & dynamic

Reality-based training is the only way to condition for survival

Train to defend against multiple attackers

Learn knife, gun & weapon defence tactics

Build confidence & toughness both mentally & physically

Our system pushes you out of your comfort zone to experience your true potential

Train hard, train smart, train to survive

Don't wait to be a victim, start Krav Maga training with Combat Krav Maga today




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Coming to Auckland from Israel in 2001, Omer was first introduced to Krav Maga during his service in the Israeli Army. Prior to this, from the age of six he began training in various forms of Martial Arts, including Kung Fu, Kickboxing, American Kempo, and Shotokan Karate.
Omer received his Instructor Certification in 2010 to teach Krav Maga in Auckland from Tactical Krav Maga (TKM), when Professor Itay Gil, CEO & Chief Instructor of Protect Israeli Security Solutions, was involved with their program. He returns to Israel annually to work with Itay, in order to keep his training and experience as up to date and effective as possible for both his own enrichment and his students. Most recently, Omer completed his Masters in Krav Maga Instruction under Ariel University & Protect Israeli Security Solutions in March 2015.

Although CKM is an independent Krav Maga club, Omer makes a point to train with other organizations and affiliates whom he finds inspiring. This enables him to experience different methods of training and teaching self defense. The following Instructors all have all developed their systems around their personal experience with self defense as active security police and military operatives. He holds these practitioners' mastery of experience with the highest regard.
Professor Itay Gil, Protect Israeli Security Solutions, Israel
Lior Offenbach, Combat Krav Maga International, Israel
Dori Nemetsky, International Krav Maga Organization, Israel
Peter Sciarra, CQC Integrated Combat Systems, Australia
W. Hock Hochheim, Force Necessary, USA
Omer is also well established in the fitness world as a Personal Trainer, Mentor for Fitness and Master Trainer for group exercise instruction.

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His official accreditations and certifications are as follows:
1992-1994: Armed Street Patrol volunteer for The Israeli National Guard and the Israeli Police Force, Haifa
1994-1997: IDF Service: Dispatch Staff Sargent, Special Forces (AT)
1998: Armed Escort Security Guard, Haifa
1999: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor
2008: Master Trainer in group exercise instruction: fitness kick boxing and functional training, Radical Fitness
2008: Founded Combat Krav Maga, Auckland New Zealand
2010: Krav Maga Instructor Certification, Tactical Krav Maga (Protect Krav Maga)
2013: ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 2
2014: Force Necessary: Hand, Unarmed Combatives Instructor
         Force Necessary: Knife, Unarmed Combatives Instructor
         Hand, Stick, Knife & Gun Instructor, Level 4
2014: ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 4
2015: Masters in Krav Maga Instruction, Ariel University & Protect Israeli Security Solutions.
2015: ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 5
2015: L.A.N.S. Tactical Firearms Instructor Certification
2016: ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 6



Joel Tham has been doing martial arts since his childhood. In his college years Joel headed the Avondale College Tae Kwon Do team and medalled at the NZ Nationals. One of his martial art highlights was flying to Australia for the trans-Tasman fight and winning gold in his division.
In the need for a more effective system of self-defence Joel took up Krav Maga in 2009 and has not looked back ever since. After years of rigourous training and tutelage he received his instructor certification comes from Omer Duchovny (Combat Krav Maga NZ) and Lior Offenbach (Combat Krav Maga International).
In order to ensure that he and his students are always experiencing the best training possible Joel learns from some of the best in the industry, including -
Professor Itay Gil, Protect Israeli Security Solutions, Israel
Lior Offenbach, Combat Krav Maga International, Israel
Peter Sciarra, CQC Integrated Combat Systems, Australia
W. Hock Hochheim, Force Necessary, USA
Combat Krav Maga NZ/International Certified Instructor
ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 7
Combat Krav Maga Level 10
Force Necessary: Hand, Knife and Stick Level 4
LANS Tactical Pistol Course 1, 2 and 3
First Aid Level 1
2x Bronze, 1x Silver at NZ Tae Kwon Do Nationals
Gold Medal at the trans-Tasman Tae Kwon Do

2011/2016 Civilian Protection Workshops with Itay Gil



Charlie began training in Tae Kwondo in Aberdeen, Scotland, at the age of 16 at the Teh's Tae Kwondo Institute under chief instructor Thomas McLaughlin. Not totally happy with the system Charlie started training in Chinese Boxing under Sifu Dr Javid Birjandi.

After moving to New Zealand in 1995 Charlie started training with Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu and Kickboxing under the watchful eye of chief instructor Sigung Martin Lindgreen, and progressed through the grades rapidly to become one of Siu Lum Gars Kickboxing/Chinese Boxing instructors, later receiving his black sash in Kung Fu while running four of his own branches throughout Auckland.

Charlie has a vision that everyone young and old gets the chance to learn the basic fundamentals and techniques of how to defend themselves. He regularly runs workshops for corporates, non-profit organisations, schools, colleges and Universities and offers free community based workshops throughout New Zealand.

Charlie also runs training for civilian based security personnel given his level of depth and understanding of self defence applications for all situations.

Owner & Lead Instructor of SAFE Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat
Siu Lum Gar Kung Fu Auckland, Black Sash
ICS (Integrated Combat Systems) Instructor, Level 7
Protect Self Defence accredited trainer (Level One)
Force Necessary: Hand, Knife and Stick Level 4
Level 3 PAC (Pacific Archipelago Combatives)
Level 3 FFC (Freelancer Filipino Combatives Instructor)
Founder and Architect of The Women's Street Smart Workshops and the Combative Kids Workshops



Olympic Wrestler Oceania Champion NZ World Champs Rep & BJJ Grappler. Legally totally blind athlete competing against able men. Clinton is a 10-time national wrestling champion and a 4 time national Jiu Jitsu winner - all of which have been against able bodied athletes.

Clinton lost his sight at the age of 2 after an allergic reaction to penicillin left him with Stevens Johnson syndrome, blistering his body and severely damaging his lungs. He can only make out shapes within 1m of him. When Clinton started wrestling at 17 he was beaten up for the first couple of years before finding his feet, but starting jiu-jitsu was a different story. After less than a year training, he won two golds and a bronze at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Pan-Pacific Championships in 2014.

Clinton is a great coach with lots of experience, very passionate about grappling and helping people reach their full potential.



Renuka (Ren) Patel has been doing Krav Maga since 2013 and has been a grade 10 under Combat Krav Maga grading system since 2015.  Ren has been certified as an Krav Maga Instructor in 2016 by Lior Offenbach (Combat Krav Maga International) and Omer Duchovny (Combat Krav Maga NZ).  
Ren maintains her own learning and training and has completed a number of workshops with Omer Duchovny including:
- Knife Workshops - level 1, 2 and 3
- Baton Defense Workshop
- Restraint and Control
- CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
- Multiple attackers (with and without weapons)
- ICS (integrated Combat Systems) workshop with Peter Sciarra from CQC Integrated Combat Systems, Australia
 In 2016, Ren has completed:
- Tactical Pistol Courses level 1, 2 and 3 with Omer Duchovny
- Public Safety Workshop with Itay Gil from Protect Security Solutions.  
 Ren is passionate about self defence and is the leading female Krav Maga instructor in New Zealand.





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